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Our Characteristics

The characteristics of the United Church of Christ can be summarized in part by the following four words: Christian, Reformed, Congregational and Evangelical.

Christian By our very name, the United Church of Christ, we declare ourselves to be a part of the Body of Christ - the Christian church.

Reformed The United Church of Christ comes from the tradition of the sixteenth-century Protestant Reformers: We confess the authority of one God. We affirm the primacy of the scriptures, the doctirne of justification by faith, the priesthodd of all believers, and the principle of Christan freedom. We celebrate two sacraments: baptism and the Lord's Supper.

Congregational The basic unit of the United Church of Christ is the congregation. Members of each congregation covenant with one another and with God as revealed in Jesus Christ and empowered by the Holy Spirit. These congregations, in turn, exist in covenantal relationships with one another to form larger structures for more effective work. Our covenanting empahasizes trustful relationships rather than legal agreements.

Evangelical The primary task of the church is the proclamation of the gospel - the good news of God's love revealed with power in Jesus Christ. We proclaim this gospel by work and deed to individuals, communities and the institutions of our society. This proclamation is the heart of the liturgy - the work of the people. We gather each Sunday for worship and, throught the week, we engage in works of Christian service and love.

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